The Cardinal Rule of Photography

It’s simple, but not easy. The Cardinal Rule of Photography is “Never show anybody everything you shoot!”

Years ago, I attended the Nikon School, a two-day class on equipment, processing, and design. I got a lot out of the class and what I remember most is the Cardinal Rule.

The Urban Dictionary defines The Cardinal Rule as a “substantial rule that is in place in a certain situation or organization. And it must not be broken at anytime.”

This is like a parent telling a child “Never touch a hot burner and NEVER MEANS NEVER!”

It is natural,fun, and good to want to show our photographs to people. Don’t show them all to anybody. I learned this rule in the world of film cameras. Digital photography makes the rule much more more important and easier to follow.

Working to “Never show anybody everything you shoot!” takes a bit of time and it will improve the presentation of your photographic adventures a thousand-fold.

Here are great tricks to making great eye-popping photographic presentations for every audience.





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